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Mental health disorders cost the global economy up to 5 trillion dollars every year, and the average employer cost of a burned-out worker starts at 45,000 dollars. Mental health issues and conditions such as anxiety and depression reduce productivity and can lead to other health problems. When not managing the mental health and well-being of the employees proactively, presenteeism (working when unwell and being less productive) will arise, which is 10x as costly as absenteeism (being away from work).

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That’s why mental health at the workplace should be top-priority for all high-aiming businesses. Proactive and open-minded companies dealing with poor mental health at work will have a competitive advantage in the years to come. Use the system from Remente to both detect and take action against mental illness.


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Why poor mental health at work is a problem

If an employee shows up at work with a leg in plaster it’s easy to see that he or she suffers from an injury. Poor mental health at the workplace doesn’t always show on the outside. An employee experiencing anxiety or depression often suffers in silence. If not detected in an early stage the condition might get worse leading to severe consequences not only for the employee but also for your business. 

Poor mental health at work is not just something to easily dismiss. Depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders are estimated to cost the global economy trillions of dollars a year. The cost for poor mental health and reduced productivity is estimated to reach 6 trillion dollars a year by 2030. Mental illness can also lead to other health problems ー depression increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes type 2 among younger adults.

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Your staff is your biggest asset and of course, you want them to thrive in your business. Not only because you care about them as persons but also because happy employees create a more pleasant work environment, are more productive, and are more engaged in their work. That’s why putting mental health at the workplace on the agenda will make your business more competitive.


How Remente can help your business increase mental wellbeing at work

Prevention and detecting anxiety, depression, and burnout in an early stage are crucial when it comes to increasing mental health at work. By using our system, your employees will receive a continuous health survey that only takes 2-3 minutes to answer, allowing them to anonymously answer questions about the psychosocial work environment they are facing.

The psychosocial work environment analysis serves as an indicator for stress and unhealth, while simultaneously providing a snapshot of engagement and job satisfaction in the organization, which in turn contributes to performance and profitability. But the benefits of Remente don’t stop there, we also provide mental health at work training as a proactive solution with our digital platform and app.

Mental health | Remente App

Tools, courses, and insights ー The features of Remente’s mental wellness platform

Introducing mental health at work training makes a strong statement that your business cares about your employees and takes mental wellness seriously. According to Deloitte, the ROI of mental health investments in the workplace are 5 to 1, which makes it a compelling case that not only will improve the health, but also the performance of your workforce.  

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Remente offers a holistic app and a system that provide your employees with powerful tools based on cognitive behavioral therapy, that easily can be applied to everyday life. The tools and resources include stress management techniques, mindfulness, how to practice self-care and personal leadership, how to be more productive, and find work-life balance as well as promoting work-life integration. 

Our features include:

  • Daily coaching with videos and interactive guides where a coach explains different concepts of self-care, mental health, and productivity. 
  • Goal Setting Guide that helps your employees to set up goals, break them down into smaller manageable steps, and make them achievable.
  • Day Planner provides structure to the workday allowing the employees to feel in control and to be more productive. 
  • Life Wheel Assessment as a visual representation of the employees’ work-life balance enables them to pinpoint areas in need of improvement. 
  • Wellbeing  Journal allowing employees to track their mental wellness, mood over time and practice how to be mindful in an easy way. 

Our system also includes life-changing courses, hands-on tools to take action, and useful insights such as statistics on health and individual progress.


A tailor-made approach

When it comes to improving mental health at the workplace, there is no universal solution. That’s why our wellness programs can be tailor-made for your business needs. We provide an online mental health platform giving your employees tools to improve their wellbeing available at all times.

Tailor made approach for mental health | Remente App
Early signs of depression and burnout | Remente App

How to detect early signs of depression and burnout

Using our mental wellness platform will raise your employees’ resilience and help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health problems. Increasing mental health at work is all about prevention ー why not talk about it in smaller groups regularly, invite inspirational speakers to talk about their experiences, or listen to TED talks about mental health?

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Almost half of the adults in the United States will experience poor mental health during their life. No matter in which country you live in, it’s most likely that one of your employees is suffering mentally. Here are early signs of two common health problems: depression and burnout.

A person who is depressed might: 

  • avoid social events and activities they usually enjoy doing
  • have difficulty speaking, thinking clearly, or making up their mind
  • have hard to concentrate
  • experience difficulties remembering
  • have difficulty sleeping
  • feel tired all the time. 

A person at risk of burnout might:

  • Problems concentrating
  • being easily upset or getting angry easily
  • getting sick often
  • having difficulties sleeping
  • showing signs of feeling alienated at work
  • Being cynical towards colleagues and their work
  • Expressing feelings of hopelessness.

Mental health at the workplace needs to start from the top with managers addressing the problem. Start your business’ journey towards a healthier work environment by booking a free demo of Remente


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