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The most helpful app I’ve ever come across. Even more helpful than books, courses, and counselling on self-improvement, motivation, etc. I’m so grateful to have found this wonderful resource. I highly it recommend to anyone.

Alison, USA

With Remente, I’m recovering from four years of sick leave, towards a more balanced life. This app is for everyone that wants more balance in life, gain self-awareness, or feel more joy. Thank you. This means everything.

Jessica, Sweden

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Remente helps you understand where in life you should focus. We help you set goals and teach you ways to feel good, be productive and keep motivated.

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Create step-by-step goal plans and incorporate them into your daily schedule to create life changing habits and behavior. You can follow expertly crafted plans to steadily move forward and safely avoid the most common obstacles.

Learn what makes you happy

Keep track of your mood to figure out which behaviors make you feel good. Tag your mood with feelings to quickly develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your emotions. Learn what to do, and to avoid, to be happy.

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Find the resources you need in order to grow, with our curated collection of courses. They cover everything from mental wellbeing to productivity, relationships and motivation. Our goal is to cover everything you need to thrive.