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Let the leading mental wellness platform for personal growth and empowerment transform your life and business.

Let the leading platform for personal and team development transform your personal life and business.

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Remente helps you understand where in life you should focus. Our mental wellness platform helps you set goals and teach you ways to feel good, be productive and keep motivated.

Improve mental wellness,
productivity & motivation

Our mental wellness platform will help you build mental resilience, improve productivity and maintain motivation with our psychology based tools for individuals and the workplace.

  • Interactive goal setting to help you increase and maintain motivation, and focus on what really matters.
  • Daily sessions with inspiration, reflection and assessment for a more balanced life.
  • Planning tools to improve productivity and life while reducing distractions and stress.

Daily routines for mental wellness

Daily coaching and reflections to stay balanced, mindful and focused. The simplest way to increase your mental wellbeing and make it a priority in life.

Understand and empower your teams better

Remente lets you understand the state of the organization, and drives empowerment with personal leadership and reflection tools, utilizing a holistic approach.

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Remente helps you understand where in life you should focus. Our mental wellness platform will help you set goals and teach you ways to feel good, be balanced and stay motivated.

How to increase productivity in the workplace

To gain an edge, office managers and business owners need to ensure and enhance mental health and productivity in the workplace.

Wellness at Work

Employee wellbeing is a core enabler of staff engagement and organizational performance.

Importance of motivation in the workplace

Celebrate your teams’ achievements, allow your employees to be a part of the bigger picture.

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What is Remente?

Remente is an online, mental wellness platform for businesses and individuals. The app includes daily interactive coaching and planner, a life assessment tool, goal-setting features, a mood journal and a wide selection of courses and resources to promote and achieve healthier habits.

How does it work?

The Remente platform lets its users assess and reflect on what is affecting their wellbeing and mind, highlighting areas of life that need attention, and provides coaching, goal setting, habit building and resources to empower users and facilitate positive behavioral change. By using Remente continuously, you can keep track of your progress and gain insights into your strengths and potential improvement areas while working towards a more fulfilled and balanced life.

How does Remente help organizations make informed decisions to drive performance and promote wellbeing for their employees?

Remente provides the organization with a digital platform to understand and improve company wellbeing, engagement and performance, while employees get the tools and insights to influence their productivity and wellbeing – both on and off work. We assist and support the organization throughout the wellbeing initiative, and offer an instantly scalable, data driven and engaging approach to a more healthy & performing organization.