Mental wellness platform for your business

Let the leading platform for mental wellbeing empower your employees and your business.

Let the leading platform for mental wellbeing empower your employees and your business.

How it works

Give your team a tool for empowerment to thrive on and off work. Give the actionable insights to handle common obstacles for wellbeing and how to lead a healthy and productive life. As they progress, you get real-time metrics on engagement levels, workplace wellbeing & productivity.

Use it to identify trends or patterns, and make informed decisions moving forward.

1. Reflect

Assess the status quo. As your staff makes private wellbeing check-ins as well as monthly company-wide wellbeing surveys, you get engagement and wellness data in real-time.

2. Create Direction

Based on the personal and company reflections, your staff sets private and professional goals to create an actionable direction that leads to productivity and wellbeing.

3. Take Action

Your staff becomes self-leading by syncing their to-dos with personal and company goals. In-app resilience coaching makes sure no one is overwhelmed.

4. Repeat

Repeat the process to raise resilience on individual and organizational levels. Use metrics, insights, and provided resources to create a positive wellbeing culture.

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A company wellness app to measure the mental wellbeing and performance of your employees

Remente Health Check is is part of the Remente corporate mental wellness program. It surveys employees on the psycho-social work environment and eNPS to help understand what affects engagement, performance, wellbeing and health in the organisation. The insights and proposed remedies shows where to support employees, how tackle problems and get the organisation to thrive.

  • Recognize how employees feel within the organization
  • Understand the mental health of employees through feedback
  • Identify areas that require attention and can be fixed through feedback received

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See how wellbeing pays off

The number of employees in your organization:


People in your organization are currently struggling with mental health issues.

$ 23,000

The yearly amount you could save by helping your employees with their mental wellbeing.


Days of sick leave per year because of stress-related problems.

Mental wellness programs at work – Empower your employees by helping them help themselves

Remente’s corporate mental health and wellness platform promotes wellbeing by helping them incorporate better habits, promoting better sleep, reducing anxiety and stress and developing mindfulness to increase happiness in their lives. We provide a set of tools to empower your employees which include:

  • Daily guided video sessions of self care, mental health and productivity. Including meditation and breathing exercises to be more mindful, calm and to and increase their focus at work
  • Goal Setting Guide and Day Planner for your employees to help them achieve professional, life and wellness goals
  • Life Wheel Assessment and Mood Journal providing insights to be more mindful and balanced
  • Collection of courses to help employees learn and take action on self help, relationships, stress, leadership managing their finances and other aspects of life

How can Remente help you?

Let’s have a talk and figure out how Remente can make mental wellness a priority in your organization.

Highlighted features

How to increase productivity in the workplace

To gain an edge, office managers and business owners need to ensure and enhance mental health and productivity in the workplace.

Wellness at Work

Employee wellbeing is a core enabler of staff engagement and organizational performance.

Importance of motivation in the workplace

Celebrate your teams’ achievements, allow your employees to be a part of the bigger picture.

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Tailor made approach for mental health | Remente App

Remente’s mental wellness platform for employees in your organization

What is Remente?

Remente is an online, mental wellness platform for individuals and businesses. The app includes daily interactive coaching and planner, a life assessment tool, goal-setting features, a mood journal and a wide selection of courses and resources to promote and achieve healthier habits.

How does it work?

The Remente platform lets its users assess and reflect on what is affecting their wellbeing and mind, highlighting areas of life that need attention, and provides coaching, goal setting, habit building and resources to empower users and facilitate positive behavioral change. By using Remente continuously, you can keep track of your progress and gain insights into your strengths and potential improvement areas while working towards a more fulfilled and balanced life.

How does Remente help organizations make informed decisions to drive performance and promote wellbeing for their employees?

Remente provides the organization with a digital platform to understand and improve company wellbeing, engagement and performance, while employees get the tools and insights to influence their productivity and wellbeing – both on and off work. We assist and support the organization throughout the wellbeing initiative, and offer an instantly scalable, data driven and engaging approach to a more healthy & performing organization.


Happy, healthy employees are more productive and more likely to go that extra mile for the company. That’s why it’s so important to prioritize health and wellbeing in the workplace. Contact Remente to find out how our mental wellness platform can benefit your company.

A wellness program at work is a program promoting health and wellness in the workplace. A successful wellness program is easily accessible, based on a well-proven method, and helps employees maintain the balance between life and work. Find out how it works here.

Measuring employee productivity by sending out an anonymous employee survey asking the employees about their workload is an easy way for management to receive feedback on productivity.

Clear communication between employees and managers can improve efficiency at the workplace. Using a day planner or a goal-setting tool can also improve employee efficiency. Remente’s mental wellness platform offers both courses and tools to help increase efficiency at work.

A happy employee is an efficient employee. One way to increase efficiency in the workplace is by involving employees in a wellness program. Do you want to know more about wellness programs? Contact Remente to find out about the mental wellness platform.

By understanding “why”, employees are more motivated to carry out an assignment. Motivation and performance go hand in hand. Do you want to know more about motivation and employee performance? Contact Remente to find out about the mental wellness platform. 

Setting clear expectations, recognizing their hard work, showing a caring company attitude, and being transparent are a few examples of how to motivate a team. Do you want to know more about motivating your team? Contact Remente to find out about the mental wellness platform.