The benefits of using a mental wellness platform

Did you know that we forget 50% of what we learn within the hour, 70% by the end of the day, and retain only roughly 10% after a month using traditional training and learning methods? But just because your training attempts do not yield any results, doesn’t mean that you can uproot them completely. Would you rather risk having untrained personnel wreak havoc within your organization?

Training programs are essential to ensure high employee productivity and that your employees stay motivated and engaged. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of creating high-impact customs training using an employee training management system; as well as explore. how Remente’s employee training software benefits your company.

What is employee training software?

An Employee training software can either refer to an app or a program with psychology-based tools enabling your personnel to learn new skills such as managing stress and improving productivity, or an employee training software helping HR teams to create training and development courses for their employees. Employee training management system is used synonymously with employee training software.

Creating a process with Remente employee training management system

Not only are there huge costs associated with training programs, but there’s also a lot of time and effort invested in them. While designing an engaging, entertaining, and effective training program might seem like a daunting task, if you break it down into a series of concrete steps, it can ease the burden by a lot.

1. Identify the need

Figure out the “Why”. Your approach will depend on the requirements of the people involved. Figuring out what you need/want to accomplish with the employee training software is half the battle and acts as your sense of direction.

  • What’s the purpose of the training?
  • Is it training or retraining?
  • Will it be custom training for specific individuals, or generic training open for everyone?

2. Look for skill gaps

We all have our own circumstances, possess different knowledge, and have varying amounts of experience. Every organization has its share of weak links. These workers are not unskilled, just untrained. Like rough diamonds, they will also start to shine after some polishing. Performing a skill gap analysis will grant you great insight into your company on how to design the training program.

  • What competencies do your organization value the most?
  • What skills do your underperforming employees lack in comparison with others?
  • What trainable skills do your well-performing workers posses

3. Establish clear goals and objectives

Set clear goals for your training program. This ensures that you will stay on track to be able to accomplish them.

  • What do you consider a success?
  • What is a realistic timeline for the training?
  • What other impacts do you expect?

4. Create a plan

Be innovative in devising the plan. Videos and interactive training exercises make for an engaging employee training management system.

  • Will the program create a buzz among the employees?
  • How can you maintain attention throughout the whole program?
  • Are there any media you can use to help you achieve your goals?

Streamline your training process with employee training management software

As with any business process, employee training continues to evolve. Gone are the days of PowerPoint presentations and hour-long theory lectures, which only those with an iron will are able to attend and stay awake. Instead, entering the stage is employee training software.

Remente provides your organization with a digital platform with functions of an employee training management system to help you train and develop your employees and increase employee productivity. Through Remente you can help train and develop your employees, offering individual coaching, courses, and mentoring with our employee training management system. You will be able to help your employees expand their skill sets and grow both personally and professionally.

Custom Employee Training with Remente’s mental wellness platform

The reason why Remente’s employee training platform works is simple ー it is founded on a well-proven method. Our training program is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CBT, a form of psychotherapy sprung from research and theories of instructional psychology, cognitive psychology, and social psychology. The core of CBT is to make a change in a person’s behavior ー in order to experience changes you must do things differently. CTB is proven effective to alter learned behaviors as well as reducing stress, insomnia, and anxiety.

Remente offers custom employee training for different areas. At first, we gather data from anonymous surveys giving you the hard numbers on the wellbeing and productivity of your employees, then we suggest appropriate training. Our employee training software allows your employees to be coached daily, take courses, and get access to resources that will help them on their learning journey; all depending on which area they need to evolve in.

A selection of the areas in which Remente offers training:

  • Efficiency
  • Worklife integration
  • Physical health
  • Personal growth
  • Mental wellbeing

For enterprises, Remente also offers to add more customized content into the employee training management system such as your Code of Conduct. Contact us if you want to know more about adding extra content to the system.

Training one area is likely to have positive effects on other domains. Improving physical and mental health might for example increase productivity and reduce the number of sick days. This enables Remente’s platform to be both an employee training management system and a wellness program.

Sign up for a free demo of Remente today and experience the difference our system can make.


TMS (Training Management System) is an employee training management system built to train back-office and manage instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training operations. LMS (Learning Management System) is a system managing all aspects of eLearning.

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