Employee engagement and motivation with a mental wellness platform

The key to a successful business is having motivated and engaged employees. Employee engagement and motivation are two of the most important factors differentiating between being ordinary, and being extraordinary. They are used in a similar fashion and often for the same purpose, which can make them difficult to distinguish from each other. So what is the actual difference between employee engagement and team motivation?


Employee motivation is the level of energy and enthusiasm an employee brings to work. Motivation can be both intrinsic and extrinsic and will vary depending on the person.

Intrinsic motivation is based on feeling passionate about one’s work because they enjoy doing it, or that they enjoy the pride and satisfaction that comes from a job well done.

Extrinsic motivation revolves around being spurred to action by an external force, either positive or negative in nature. An example of a positive force could be a reward (such as extra time off or a bonus), where a negative force could be to avoid an unpleasant situation (such as an angry boss or the risk of being terminated).


Employee engagement is a workplace approach in which creating the right conditions for all employees results in them giving their best at work each day, committing to the organization’s goals and values, and feeling motivated to contribute to the success of the company, with an enhanced sense of their own wellbeing.

Employee engagement and motivation are very closely connected, and finding the right combination and balance of engagement and motivation is the recipe for success.

Increasing motivation and engagement with the Remente mental wellness platform

Need help increasing the motivation and engagement of your employees? We provide a digital mental wellness platform, enabling your staff members to influence their productivity and wellbeing through motivational tools for employees, to increase engagement in your company.

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A highly motivated employee is less likely to leave the company. That’s the reason why employee motivation and retention go hand in hand. Remente offers a digital wellbeing platform providing means to measure employee motivation and tools to increase motivation at work. Sign up for a free demo to learn more.

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