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Set and reach Goals

Our personalized training program helps you set goals and reach them.

Take Action

Track your performance and use our library of exercises to enhance wellbeing.

We help you focus on the things you want to do, and give you the tools and resources to do it

Define your goals

Learn to achieve

Track your progress

For Business

The competitive advantage of your business lies in the way your employees perform, feel and think. Remente offers a motivation tool for employees to work more efficiently, align goals, increase productivity and balance life.


We are about unleashing human potential

It's just as important to exercise your mind as it is to exercise your body. Until now, the tools and methods to do so haven't been really accessible, fun or relevant. At Remente, we want to change that. That's why we're building and creating engaging digital tools that will help people feel better, reach their goals and unleash their potential. If there is any secret to success and wellbeing, we will uncover it for you and help you achieve it.

In short, Remente is an online mental gym that you can access from your desktop or mobile. It will help you find out what is important in your life and how to do more of that. Here you will learn how to set and reach goals, improve your memory, stop procrastrinating, cope with stress and more. All by working your mind.

The minds behind Remente

  • David Brudö

    David Brudö

    Co-founder and Like a boss

    As co-founder of companies ranging from e-commerce to travel, cooking subscriptions and nanotechnology (often in parallel), I needed a system to help me balance life better, that’s Remente.

  • Niklas Forser

    Niklas Forser

    Co-founder and Leverager

    I help organisations and indiviuals to leverage their leadership and communication skills. Once upon a time, I served as Marketing Director at companies such as Nestlé and Carlsberg.

  • Idriz Zogaj

    Idriz Zogaj

    Co-founder and Mastermind

    I serve as the Chairman and founding partner of the Swedish Memory Association. As Captain of the Swedish Memory Team, I helped Sweden to silver in the World Memory Championships 2012. I am also an author of childrens books and game creator.

  • Anders Hallin

    Anders Hallin

    Co-founder and Online Don Draper

    Having learned the ropes at Skype and Stardoll on how to build a userbase online , I went on to co-found a few web companies with footprint in South America, Asia and Europe. Remente is one of them.

  • Jan Bosch

    Jan Bosch

    Founding investor and Chairman

    I like running marathons and reading science fiction novels. Apart from that, I am a Professor of Software Engineering. Previously I was a VP at Intuit and Nokia, working with engineering, innovation and research.

  • Kjell Enhager

    Kjell Enhager

    Advisor and Mentalist

    I am a golfer turned mental coach. Over the years I have coached world class athletes and business leaders, and become an awarded speaker on topics such as ice-cream boomerangs.

  • Mikael Pawlo

    Mikael Pawlo

    Advisor and Founding Investor

    I am Co-founder of online casino Mr Green. As investor and advisor, I’m involved in companies such as Load Impact, Happy Pancake, SMSgrupp, FundedByMe and psychiatry clinic WeMind.

  • Niels Eék

    Niels Eék

    Advisor and Cyber Psychologist

    With my background in psychology, I see great potential in using the Internet and mobile to make psychology accessible and engaging for everyone. Currently I am working on how to treat different psychiatric disorders through online therapy.

  • Navid Modiri

    Navid Modiri

    Advisor and Reinassance Man

    Apart from helping individuals and organisations unleash their creativity, I am an recording artist, former TV and radio host, parlor game developer and most importantly, a proud father.

Contact us

We would love to hear from you or even better, meet you. Our office is located in Göteborg, in not so sunny Sweden. As our city is located on the west coast, features a big bridge and windy weather, we’d like to see it as Sweden’s version of San Francisco.

Stena Center 1B, 412 92 Göteborg

Contact person: David Brudö