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    Employee empowerment

    Remente Connects Long Term Goals With Daily Tasks And Habits. The System Helps Employees Make Any Kind Of Goal Manageable, Meaningful And Connected To Everyday Life, From A Holistic Perspective.

    People analytics

    Help Leaders Make Informed Decisions And Understand Your Organization By Measuring Psychosocial Work Environment And Enps In Real-Time, With A Minimum Set Of Questions.

    Toolkit for a balanced life

    Tracking Life Balance Is Essential For Wellbeing. Our Life Assessment And Mood Rating Tools Helps Employees Determine Where To Focus Their Efforts To Achieve Mindfulness And Wellbeing.

    Inspiration and coaching

    Remente Makes The Process Of Personal Leadership Accessible And Manageable, By Offering Daily Coaching, Courses And Articles Covering A Wide Range Of Topics, Enabling Employees To Practice Self-Care And Wellbeing.

    Frequently asked questions

    The easiest way is to download our app. You can also book a demo to get Remente for your business, give us 30 min to show how easy and powerful working with wellbeing can be!

    Small tasks every day to build habits and improve wellbeing – Remente’s online mental wellness platform gives everyone the power to improve with simple-to-use tools for wellbeing and performance.

    Remente supports goals and goal tracking, as well as a journaling feature. As your employees progress through wellbeing programs, you get real-time metrics on engagement levels, workplace wellbeing & productivity.

    Use it to identify trends or patterns, and make informed decisions moving forward.

    Employers will see an aggregated overview for how well the organization is doing, never on a individual level. All progress is reported into a journal keeping motivation high at all times.

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