Motivation at work using mental wellness platform

Motivation in the workplace is a powerful energy that drives and encourages employees, resulting in higher organizational performance.

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How to improve company motivation and drive performance of your employees

Motivation in your organization is about making your employees feel recognized for their efforts and them having a meaningful job, which is not just about the paycheck. Celebrate your teams’ achievements, allow your employees to be a part of the bigger picture, and engage with them to increase staff motivation.

Strategies to improve staff motivation

It’s normal for employees to face dips in motivation, but it becomes a problem when your colleagues are consistently disengaged. Here are three strategies to help achieve and keep motivation in the organization. 

1. Include employees in goal setting

By promoting a culture where employees are encouraged to set their own goals based on the company purpose, they will feel involved, claim ownership and, to a higher degree, understand what’s expected of them. 

2. Give employees a purpose

By having a clear sense of purpose for the organization and the employees as individuals, the company becomes aspirational beyond economic ambitions. 

3. Recognize people’s work

By acknowledging your employees’ hard work, you allow them to build a sense of security in their value to the organization, motivating them to continue doing an outstanding job.

Motivational tools for employees using Remente’s mental wellness platform

Remente provides your business with a digital mental wellness platform, enabling staff members to influence  their productivity and wellbeing through motivational tools for employees, utilizing a holistic approach.

Our tools developed to improve motivation and performance includes:

  • Daily video sessions with a coach explaining different concepts of self-care, and mental health, to boost employee morale and productivity.
  • Goal Setting Guide and Day Planner to help achieve to-dos and their goals in both their personal and professional life.
  • Life Wheel Assessment and Mood Journal for measuring motivation and gaining insights to be more mindful and balanced.

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