Well being in the workplace – 5 ideas to improve workplace wellbeing

Most people spend the majority of their waking hours at work. Wellbeing in the workplace is an important issue that affects both the employees’ health and productivity.

Using a wellbeing program is one way to increase wellness. In this article, we’ll explore five ideas to increase workplace wellbeing and make your company a better workplace.

Creating a company culture that allows people and creativity to thrive takes time. But it will be worth the effort. Happy employees are healthier, more productive, and more engaged in the company.

Five ideas to improve workplace wellbeing

  • Promote a healthier lifestyle by offering fruit baskets and other healthy snacks at work.
  • Encourage the employees to exercise or at least take a few minutes of the lunch break to take a walk outside.
  • Encourage employees to take breaks to get coffee, stretch their legs, or read a few pages of a good book. Taking a break from work increases energy and enhances concentration. 
  • Promote honest and open communication. Encourage staff to seek help or guidance if they are stuck or overloaded with work. Over time, this will cultivate a company culture of openness and tolerance.
  • Discourage presenteeism (working while sick). This phenomenon decreases productivity and puts other colleagues at risk of getting sick. Presenteeism is estimated to cost American companies about 226 billion dollars annually.

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