Staff productivity at work – Five ideas on how to increase it

Most employers struggle with creating an engaging workplace where employee productivity, performance, and motivation never falter. However, there are some easy ways to increase staff performance and productivity without compromising the employees’ mental wellbeing.

Here are five ideas on how increase staff motivation and productivity:

  • Measure employee efficiency.

    By measuring efficiency you will be able to recognize outstanding performances to be rewarded, and offer guidance to those who have the potential to perform better. 

  • Set up realistic expectations and goals for your employees

    . By looking at their past performance data you will get an idea of what they are capable of and what goals you need to set for them to develop further.  

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your employees.

    Delegate tasks accordingly. Make use of their strengths and provide support where it’s needed.

  • Focus on wellbeing.

    Create a healthy and enjoyable work environment where you encourage employees to learn more about mindfulness and stress management.

  • Allow remote work.

    An American study based on 1 000 employees showed that remote work can improve staff productivity by up to 13 percent.

Tools to help improve employee efficiency

Remente is an online mental health-based platform that offers tools to measure and improve staff productivity. Using our digital platform you can set up goals for your employees and have access to a wide range of courses to help increase the employees’ wellbeing.

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