Motivation and job satisfaction – How important is it?

Before we can answer HOW important staff motivation and job satisfaction are, we first need to understand WHY they are important.

It should be evident that a place where people spend most of their day has a strong impact on their feelings, actions, and thoughts. “Find a job you enjoy, and you will never have to work a day in your life”, said Mark Twain. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need work within a specific industry you enjoy, it can be the workplace in general, the benefits the employer provides, or simply the people you work with.

As a natural consequence of this fact, there is a growing responsibility (and need) of employers to understand what motivates their employees. It’s important when creating jobs and conditions to have a grasp of what satisfies employees to better understand what factors promote and influence motivation and job satisfaction.

Motivation and job satisfaction are important because we spend so much time in the workplace that employees need to feel motivated, satisfied, and happy because, in the end, people are essential to productivity.

How important is motivation and job satisfaction for performance?

Motivation in the workplace is a powerful energy that drives and encourages employees, resulting in higher organizational performance. Based on a study from 2015 by Professor Andrew J. Oswald from the University of Warwick, his findings showed that being “happy” results in an individual being approximately 12% more productive.

It’s always difficult to put a number on such a thing. But it’s an undisputed fact that motivation and job satisfaction is important for employees to be and stay productive to help the company flourish.

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