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A company is just as good as its employees. Having happy and healthy employees makes your company a great place to work, improves productivity, and decreases the company’s healthcare costs.

Employee wellbeing should be top-priority given happiness is so closely linked with employee productivity. Using wellness programs is an excellent way to put health on the company’s agenda. But what makes an employee wellness app… great? In this article, we’ll cover some features you should keep a lookout for when you’re looking for a health app.

Although you as an employer have the very best intentions of introducing a health program, there can be difficulties to get everybody on board. Using an employee wellness app is an easy way to get all staff engaged ー better health is just a few clicks away.

But there are more than 300 000 mobile health apps on the market. Here are some criteria for what makes a health app effective.

A wellness app for employees should:

  • Be user-friendly.
  • Be based on a proven method to increase mental health. 
  • Have tools for setting up personal and professional goals.
  • Provide tools to facilitate planning the day at work.
  • Provide inspirational reading about different areas affecting health such as stress management, personal growth, healthy eating, or finances. 
  • Send out anonymous surveys allowing the employee to reflect on his or her current health and workload.

Employee wellness platform ー everything you need in an app

Remente is an online-based employee wellness platform with an awarded and top-ranked app recommended by American Psychiatric Association. It offers help to both employers and employees to reach goals, strengthen mental resilience and take control over their wellbeing in order to improve the overall workplace wellness.

The Remente wellbeing platform provides self-helping tools but it also works as a unique platform/Speakers’ Corner where the staff members can make their voices heard in a safe way. One of the employee wellness platform features includes sending out wellbeing surveys allowing the employee to anonymously answer questions about workload and health. The company receives feedback which makes it possible to make some real changes that will improve both mental health and productivity.

The survey from Remente enables your business to measure productivity and wellbeing but also motivation among your employees. By using the method eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) asking the personnel if they would recommend the workplace to a friend or a relative, you will be given insights about the overall motivation at work. High motivation is linked with high productivity and high employee retention rates, while low motivation implies less productive employees willing to jump ship when the opportunity comes along. 

The employee survey provides your business with feedback which makes it possible to make some real changes that will improve both mental health and productivity, as well as employee retention rates.

Our employee wellness app is based on Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), a form of psychotherapy well-proven to be efficient in improving mental health for individuals. The core of CBT is to change one’s behavior on a fundamental level ー in order to feel different, you must act differently. Using internet-based Cognitive Behavior Therapy has shown similar effects to traditional CBT, and Remente’s health and wellness programs for employees can be seen as a self-help book employees can carry with them at all times.

Use Remente’s mental wellness platform to increase mental wellbeing

Nearly half of the Americans spend 5-6 hours a day using their smartphone, work-related use is not included. Several studies show that smartphone use is bad for both physical and mental health. But using a smartphone isn’t bad per se ー it all depends on what the phone is used for. Opening an app like Remente can be a part of your wellness initiatives for employees.

The Remente App doesn’t just provide insights into the current mental health status of your employees, it also offers them tools to take charge of their lives and allows you as an employer to take action to make your company a great place to work. Because at the end of the day, a company is just as good as its employees.

Life-changing features in Remente’s digital wellness platform

Being well-equipt with tools to help yourself can be life-changing. By using the digital wellness platform from Remente, your employees can gain access to practical tools on their phones. The Remente employee wellness app offers many features improving wellbeing both on and off work.

Five life-changing features in the app

  • Daily coaching. Daily sessions consisting of videos and interactive material in which a guide explains different concepts of self-care, mental wellness, and productivity is an important feature of the employee wellness app.
  • Day Planner. A tool helping the employees to plan their day by adding tasks to a list and checking them off as they are completed provides an overview and makes it easier to prioritize between tasks.
  • Life Wheel. A feature providing a visual representation of the employees’ work-life balance, enabling them to pinpoint areas in need of extra attention and reflect on their current situation. 
  • Mood Journal. A feature in the employee wellness app equipping your personnel with the ability to learn why they feel the way they feel and to track mood and emotions over time. The mood journal is also a great tool when it comes to practice how to be mindful.
  • Goal-Setting guide. A tool helping employees to set personal and professional goals and achieve them by breaking down goals into manageable steps. All progress is reported into a journal keeping motivation high at all times.

Changing one’s life is difficult without knowledge and tools. That’s the reason why the employee wellness platform from Remente, apart from the five previously mentioned features, also includes articles, courses, and goal plans. All are easily accessible for your personnel in the employee wellness app.

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