Employee wellness app – What makes an employee wellbeing app great?

A company is just as good as its employees. Having happy and healthy employees makes your company a great place to work at, improves productivity, and decreases the company’s healthcare costs.

Using wellness programs is an excellent way to put health on the company’s agenda. But what makes an employee wellness app… great? In this article, we’ll cover some features you should keep a lookout for when you’re looking for a health app.

Although you as an employer have the very best intentions of introducing a health program, there can be difficulties to get everybody on board. Using an employee wellness app is an easy way to get all staff engaged ー better health is just a few clicks away.

But there are more than 300 000 mobile health apps on the market. Here are some criteria for what makes a health app effective.

A wellness app for employees should:

  • Be user-friendly.
  • Be based on a proven method to increase mental health. 
  • Have tools for setting up personal and professional goals.
  • Provide tools to facilitate planning the day at work.
  • Provide inspirational reading about different areas affecting health such as stress management, personal growth, healthy eating, or finances. 
  • Send out anonymous surveys allowing the employee to reflect on his or her current health and workload.

Try Remente App and improve wellness at your workplace

Remente is an online-based employee wellness platform with an awarded and top-ranked app recommended by American Psychiatric Association. It offers help to both employers and employees to reach goals, strengthen mental resilience and take control over their wellbeing.

One of the features includes sending out wellness surveys that will allow the employee to anonymously answer questions about workload and health. The company receives feedback which makes it possible to make some real changes that will improve both mental health and productivity.

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