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Employee productivity is at the heart of the engine we call a “company”, it’s the fuel that allows a business to run and make a profit. But as a business owner, as a leader, how can you make sure the efficiency of your employees won’t falter?

Employee productivity is at the heart of the engine we call a “company”, it’s the fuel that allows a business to run and make a profit. But as a business owner, as a leader, how can you make sure the efficiency of your employees won’t falter?

Having an objective measurement of your employee’s productivity can help a great deal in a number of ways, and that is the insight Remente’s productivity monitoring software enables you.

By using employee productivity monitoring to monitor your organization, members of management will be able to track the performance of employees and identify both outstanding and underperforming workers. Thus, allowing you to see which employees need extra attention and coaching in their work, but also to be able to reward the superstars.

Retaining qualified and great performing employees has never been more important. While keeping your company’s top performers motivated, employers can at the same time identify their best workers who can help spread that productivity throughout the organization and inspire fellow workers to increase team motivation.

Productivity tracking is NOT surveillance

“Monitoring software” sounds very intimidating to some, something straight out of 1984, a measure taken by overbearing managers to restrict and oppress individuals within the organization. Employee productivity tracking is anything but.

Remente is completely transparent with no hidden data gathering processes. The employee productivity tracking data is instead gathered through monthly, company-wide, anonymous surveys and private wellbeing check-ins.

Using Remente’s tools does not mean surveilling a single individual. To maintain the integrity of your employees, Remente’s employee productivity tracking software doesn’t collect data from a group with less than five individuals. In this case, you will be shown the total result of your company. Useful for you, safe for your employees.

Measuring employee productivity is meant to streamline areas of business and help you help your employees improve themselves. They allow administrators to analyze the employee’s behavioral data to improve workflow efficiency.

Pros and cons of using employee productivity tracking

Like with everything, there are of course both pros and cons of using employee productivity monitoring tools. Here follows some arguments for both sides in order for you as an employer to make the right decision for your business.

Pros of measuring employee productivity

  • Provides you a clear picture of how your organization is doing in order for you to make well-grounded decisions.
  • Makes your organization competitive.
  • Makes it possible to rectify faults in the process. 
  • Enables you to give extra guidance to those who need it the most. 
  • Allows you to award your hard-working employees.

Cons of measuring employee productivity

  • Can lead to demotivation.
  • Might lead to a lack of commitment.
  • Can temporarily increase the stress levels of the employees. 
  • Might undermine the trust in the employer.
  • Can lead to lower self-esteem.

The key to a successful implementation of employee productivity tracking is communication. The leadership of the company must be transparent about the reasons behind tracking productivity and the employees must keep an open mindset in order to see how it can benefit them in the long run. Clear and transparent communication is essential to make sure none of the potential cons occurs. It’s also vital to use employee productivity tracking not just to measure productivity but also wellbeing at the workplace as productivity and employee wellbeing are intertwined. 

Use Remente’s mental wellness platform to increase mental wellbeing

Looking at the data using Remente’s employee productivity tracking technology, employers can more effectively pinpoint areas where underperforming employees need more guidance. It helps you run your company at peak performance and stay ahead of the curve in today’s competitive business landscape but it also enables you to make mental wellbeing a top priority.

Measuring employee productivity is the first step to success. Step two is taking action upon the provided data. While awarding your superstars, offering help and guidance to under-performing employees can be more of a challenge. Here’s another reason for measuring employee productivity with the system offered by Remente: we are not just providing data, but also solutions.  

Tools to improve productivity, motivation, and wellbeing

As a company leader, there are several challenges you and your employees have to face. In our system, Remente offers tools as solutions to frequent challenges discovered after measuring employee productivity.

Five life-changing tools from Remente: 

  • Daily video sessions with a coach explaining different concepts of self-care, mental wellness, and productivity.
  • A Goal-Setting guide to help employees set personal and professional goals and to achieve them by breaking down goals into manageable steps.
  • A Day Planner to help the employees plan their day by adding tasks to a list and checking them off as they are completed.
  • A Life Wheel to provide a visual representation of the employees’ work-life balance, enabling them to pinpoint areas in need of extra attention and reflect on their current situation. 
  • A Mood Journal to help your employees track mood and emotions over time, and also to practice how to be mindful. 

Apart from useful tools, we also provide courses to help improve areas such as:

Low productivity

Three courses offered to improve productivity:

  • Gain more effect with less effort
  • Make every meeting effective
  • How to do the right thing at the right time

Low motivation

Three courses to enhance motivation:

  • How to motivate yourself
  • Learn the SMARTEST way of setting goals
  • Take control of your brain

Poor work-life balance

Three courses to improve the balance between life and work:

  • 3 steps to finding balance in life 
  • Find the meaning of your life
  • 7 steps for a more wonderful life

Poor mental health  

  • 3 great ways to handle stress
  • 5 steps to handle change like a champ
  • Boost your wellbeing with a feel-good list

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Measuring employee productivity by sending out an anonymous employee survey asking the employees about their workload is an easy way for management to receive feedback on productivity.

It’s an employee wellness survey including questions about productivity and wellbeing at work. A wellness questionnaire provides businesses with real-time feedback to make well-founded decisions about the future.

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