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Employee productivity is at the heart of the engine we call a “company”, it’s the fuel that allows a business to run and make a profit. But as a business owner, as a leader, how can you make sure the efficiency of your employees won’t falter?

Having an objective measurement of your employee’s productivity can help a great deal in a number of ways, and that is the insight Remente’s productivity monitoring software enables you.

By using employee productivity monitoring to monitor your organization, members of management will be able to track the performance of employees and identify both outstanding and underperforming workers. Thus, allowing you to see which employees need extra attention and coaching in their work, but also to be able to reward the superstars

Retaining qualified and great performing employees has never been more important. While keeping your company’s top performers motivated, employers can at the same time identify their best workers who can help spread that productivity throughout the organization and inspire fellow workers.

Productivity tracking is NOT surveillance

“Monitoring software” can sound very intimidating to some, something straight out of 1984, a measure taken by overbearing managers to restrict and oppress individuals within the organization. It is anything but.

Remente is completely transparent with no hidden data gathering processes. The data is instead gathered through monthly, company-wide, anonymous surveys and private wellbeing check-ins.

These programs are meant to streamline areas of business and help you help your employees improve themselves. They allow administrators to analyze the employee’s behavioral data to improve workflow efficiency.

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Looking at the data using Rement’s health check, employers can more effectively pinpoint areas where underperforming employees need more guidance. It helps you run your company at peak performance and stay ahead of the curve in today’s competitive business landscape.

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