Employee motivation strategies – Why do they fail?

Competition. Rewards. Incentives. Camaraderie. There are countless ways to motivate a person and promote team motivation. This has given rise to numerous psychological techniques and employee motivation strategies to inspire teams and boost productivity in the workplace. It is a very well-documented area with thousands of guides and instructions supported by empirical data that you can read and learn from. Even so, certain employee motivation strategies will still fail to yield any result for some companies.

Why is that?

3 reasons why employee motivation strategies fail

1. The human error

Some attempts at applying employee motivation strategies will inevitably fail as a result of human error. Whether the manager misunderstood something during the implementation or didn’t have the competence to properly put it into practice doesn’t really matter. In the end, “To err is human”.

Take a step back and analyze your situation, why did it fail? Learn from your mistakes and try and try again until it works.

2. No long-term commitment

Motivation is cultivated. It needs sunlight and water to keep growing. Without care and comfort it will come to dwindle. Employee motivation strategies need to be long-term to keep your employees motivated throughout every day, of every hour throughout the year.

3. It’s the wrong strategy!

Yes, it can be as simple as that. You can do everything right and still fail miserably. As mentioned before, we’re all motivated by different things. Not everyone is motivated by money, instead, they prefer a sense of accomplishment and positive reinforcement. Not everyone can perform their best in a competitive environment, instead, they thrive in a team.

Find out what makes your employees tick and match with the right employee motivation strategy.

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