How to measure employee efficiency in the workplace

All companies want efficiency in the workplace. But how is it possible to put that thought into practice? In this article, you will learn about employee productivity and different ways on how to improve work efficiency.

What is efficiency?

Efficiency is traditionally defined as the degree of goal fulfillment in relation to the number of resources used. In brief ー Employee efficiency is being able to perform more work in less time. Efficiency and productivity go hand in hand, while efficiency measures the performance of the output produced, productivity measures the output quantity.

How do you measure efficiency?

You might have a vague idea about efficiency in the workplace but how far is that idea from reality? By measuring efficiency with tools offered by Remente, you will get a clear picture of just how efficient your company is. The tools allow you to see efficiency data broken down into countries, departments, sub-departments ー you can set whatever filter you want with the exception that Remente doesn’t show data of groups with less than five individuals to retain the integrity of the employees. 

Time to take action

If the data shows that your employees don’t reach their full potential then it’s time to take action to improve efficiency in the workplace. By using corporate wellness programs offered by Remente, we can provide you with measures like tools, workflows and courses to enhance your staff’s efficiency.

Three popular courses in the Remente app that will help your employees to be more efficient and productive:

  • How To Start Doing and Stop Procrastinating
  • How To Do the Thing at the Right Time
  • Make Every Meeting Efficient

Apart from taking courses, your employees will also be able to gain more insights about efficiency and learn how to set up goals to be more efficient and productive. The Goal Plan enables your employees to follow easy step-by-step guides to learn useful tools to reduce the time spent on assignments, set reminders, and follow the progress in their journals.

Three great Goal Plans from Remente:

  • Get more productive in 6 day
  • Increase Work Productivity  in 5 days
  • A Morning Routine for Your Career

How to improve employee efficiency and what to avoid

When it comes to efficiency and productivity there are some measures you as an employer can take and some things your employees have to do to be more efficient. Here is a small guide on how to improve work efficiency.

Encourage your employees to:

  • Start their workday by planning it. 
  • Do the most important task first.
  • Alternate between simple and difficult assignments to create variation.
  • Plan for unforeseen tasks ー only map out 80 % of the workday.
  • Focus on one assignment at a time ー multitasking tends to be counterproductive.

Eliminate time thieves

It’s usually not how many hours you put into your work, it’s how efficient you are. At a workplace, there exist a number of time thieves that can hinder employee efficiency and productivity. Some things can be controlled and some things can’t. If the data provided by Remente shows that some departments are not as efficient as they could be, it’s a good idea to look for time thieves and make arrangements so your employees can avoid:

  • Being interrupted. On average it takes about 15 minutes to regain lost concentration. Encourage employees to turn off their phone and politely cut unnecessarily long conversations whenever they need maximum concentration.
  • Constantly checking their email. Encourage your employees to schedule reading and answering their emails about two times a day depending on their role. 
  • Meetings. Always evaluate how many employees that need to participate and if possible: set up a digital meeting. Digital meetings tend to take less time and eliminate the time for transportation. Don’t make meetings longer than they should be, and have an agenda with a clear outcome.
  • Misunderstandings. Always make sure that your staff has understood the task correctly and that there is no room for ambiguity. If you delegate an assignment: ensure that there’s no misinterpretation.
  • Being poorly organized. Encourage your employees to spend a little time every day to reflect over and organize their tasks, projects, and goals.

Measure efficiency with Remente

To find the most prevalent time thieves at your workplace, it’s a good idea to measure employee efficiency. Remente provides tools that enable you as the employer to get an overview of the organization, allowing you to see, pinpoint, and resolve bottlenecks. Remente’s awarded app is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, well-proven to enhance mental wellbeing, and offers tools to make it possible to, for example, be more focused, productive and less stressed, thereby increasing employee efficiency.

Sign up for a free demo of Remente today and experience the difference our system can make on how to improve work efficiency.

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